My neighbor has been making diesel fuel in the back yard.  Some of it is for personal use, some is being sold to customers.  After a recent rain, some uncovered diesel fuel or waste product overflowed and ran into my yard.  After a few days my grass began to die.  The spill is very close to a tree and is approaching other flowers and plantings and my house.

Here are pictures taken on 7/4/2006 (Let Freedom Ring!):          CLICK a picture to see a BIG version.

Views of the results of the fuel spill.  The grass is dying, the evergreen tree and peonies are in the line of the runoff...
...and my pretty Hydrangeas by the back porch may be next.
Clearly, the runoff is coming directly from this processing activity and is running downhill TOWARDS MY HOUSE!
Here are some different views of the "processing area."  Note how there is not even any grass left in the work area.  
Another shot of the processing area after they covered the big pot of fuel or waste with a sheet of white plastic...after I complained.