My Soreno Avocado Green Glass Collection

Soreno pattern, made by Anchor hocking.

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Soreno is a glass pattern manufactured by the Anchor Hocking Glass Company from 1966 to 1970.  This pattern is available in avocado green, clear, aquamarine, amber/honey gold, maybe more colors.  I really only am collecting the avocado green pieces.

Item Number I have Number I want Picture
Drinking Glass

(6"h x 3" across top)

0 ?
Juice Glass

(3 1/4"h x 3 1/8" across top)

0 ?
Cereal Bowl

(1 3/4"h x 6" across top)

1 is chipped
Large Bowl

(4 quart)

1 1
Short Squatty Vase 1 1
Tall Vase

Tall bulb vase

Short bulb vase




Dinner Plate

(10" across)

6 8
Snack Plate
It has a place for the cup to sit.



Salt & Pepper shakers 4 sets 1 set
Butter Dish 4 1 see picture above
Covered Sugar Dish 2 1 see picture above
Creamer 2 1
Large Pitcher 64oz. 1 1 Image Hosting by Vendio
Juice Pitcher 1 ? see dinner plate picture
Chip & Dip Set 0 1
Ashtray (2 or 3 sizes) 0 2
Water Bottle

Mine are both clear.  I would LOVE to have one in green!

2 clear 1 green
Hurricane Lamp

This picture shows a clear one w/a different chimney.  It is not available in avocado..

1 clear 1


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