Pictures of My "New" House

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Click HERE for a floorplan.  It is not to scale, but is quite close.

See pictures of the Feb 12, 2006 Snow!

Some yard pictures.

<--- Click this for a panoramic view made from 19 different pictures taken on 3/30/2006. See MORE!



  Front of house Back of house Looking down right side from front Looking at back porch
  Front porch Front porch inside Backyard view Backyard view
  Looking down left side from front Backyard view Backyard view Backyard view
  My chimney Inside the flue Another shot down the chimney  
  Front of house - 20 Dec 2004 New driveway w/car - 20 Dec 2004 Back yard - 20 Dec 2004  
Living Room


  Fireplace (BIG) Arch to Dining Room (BIG) Chair (BIG) Couch (BIG)
  Towards dining room East window Front door  

  Ready to prime (BIG) Ready to prime  (BIG) Ready to prime (BIG) Ready to prime (BIG)



  Fireplace close-up (BIG) Fireplace close-up (BIG) Fireplace close-up (BIG)  
  Ready to prime (BIG) Ready to prime (BIG) Ceiling ready to prime (BIG) Ready to prime (BIG)
  Ready to prime (BIG) Ready to prime (BIG) Ready to prime (BIG) Ready to prime (BIG)
  Front wall painted (BIG) Arch wall painted (BIG) Arch wall painted (BIG)  
  Primed (BIG) from dining room (BIG) 1 coat primer, 1 coat paint (BIG)  
  Walls now Painted! Fireplace wall with paint Arch with paint  
Dining Room


  Fireplace (BIG) China Cabinet (BIG) Built-in Cabinet (BIG) From dining room down hallway to new bathroom
  Lots of old stuff Lots of old stuff Lots of old stuff Light was in kitchen, now in dining room (BIG)
  Who can I call to take away all this old stuff?      
  Having the floor refinished More refinishing by Otto    


  Stairs to Basement (BIG)
(aka "The Stairs of Death!")
New Stairs to Basement (construction) (BIG) Small Cabinet (BIG) Large Cabinet (BIG)
  Big cabinet Big and small cabinets "Stove room" and "sink room" "Sink room"
  Back of Kitchen (BIG) Fridge info (BIG)    
  Back door Stove was here Original back door  
  Kitchen ceiling (BIG) Back door (BIG) Another view of the gutted kitchen  
  Back - First coat of paint Front - First coat of paint    
  Pantry cabinet, fridge & freezer Sink base View of back corner Another view
  My new Pella storm door Seen from outside, right after installation on May 29, 2006    


  Bay window Bookcase covering fireplace    
  Office ceiling prepped for sheetrock Walls around built-in bookcase ready for paint New closet framed in office Bay windows ready for paint
  Bay window wall with a coat of paint      
Middle Bedroom


  Fireplace (BIG) Lots of old stuff Lots of old stuff 5-panel door (BIG)
  Bare wood  (BIG) Bare wood (BIG) Should I refinish? (BIG) 5-panel door (BIG)
  With paint! :) ...and a view of the fireplace.    
Master Bathroom


  From hallway Tub Towards hall Yucky tub
  Down to bare studs! Where old cast pipe went (BIG) New shower (BIG) Location for new tub (BIG)


  Whirlpool tub in place From guest room looking at vanity mirror hole New shower Almost ready for a bubbly soak!
Back Bedroom


  Keeping this dresser... ...and this chest    
  Closet being framed More new closet, with view of master shower Walls with primer Closet framed and painted, no doors
New Bathroom


  New hall bath framed and tub installed (BIG) Now with a commode! Hole for medicine cabinet  
  Walls up, tub and vanity base installed, walls painted      


  View from stairs Tons of OLD canned stuff Old furnace View towards stairs
  30 AMP electric service      
  Furnace on its way out (BIG) Furnace on its way out (BIG) Furnace on its way out (BIG) Old oak chest (BIG)
  Old water heater (BIG) New furnace (BIG) New furnace (BIG)  
  Color palette painted on bedroom wall Color palette - 2nd shot Color palette - 3rd shot